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Maintaining a house may be a source of pride for a long period of time, but as you get older, it can also become a worry. Perhaps your home has a large yard that has to be maintained on a regular basis, or maybe maintaining those extra rooms that are barely used is becoming more challenging. If getting to your home is challenging, such as up a big slope or several floors up, it will be more challenging for you to get out as much as you’d want, resulting in more loneliness. Grab bars in the shower, ramps, or even the installation of a substitute bathroom on the bottom floor are all possible modifications. Some of these difficulties can be solved in part by hiring outside aid, making changes to your house, or by getting the assistance of family and friends.

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Professionals always come prepared and we provide proper tools and supplies to urge your job done right; however, it’s often an honest idea to be as clear and descriptive in your description to form sure that nothing important is missed or forgotten!

Yes we do! We are available outside of traditional business hours.

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Our Home partners Pros work by the project. We assess the project at hand, making recommendations, estimating a cost for labor and materials, securing materials, performing the job, and then cleaning up any messes.

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Shelving keeps objects out of the way in your home and keeps things organized. During installation, take control not to damage any plumbing or electrical lines. Allow us to safely install your shelf, ensuring that it supports, looks fantastic, and remains in place!

man fixing a red lamp

Do you have an old lamp that you want to keep? Have you ever purchased an antique light at a thrift store or yard sale? We’ll repair and restore your light. We'll look over the wiring and make the appropriate repairs to ensure that it's secure and operational.

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It shouldn't be the most challenging task on the globe to hang curtains. Kennesaw HomePartners.Pro, on the other side, has years of expertise in the industry and can hang any sort of window item to match the unique appeal of your home.

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Whether it's up high, in a stairway, or above a dresser, our highly-trained installers always provide the necessary equipment to take your art to greater levels. We can recommend the best placement, designs, and styles based on your choices.

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Ceiling fans are one of those household items that we take for granted until they stop working. If you're not sure what's wrong with your ceiling fan and it's still not working properly, please call us as soon as possible for repair and support.

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The toilet is the most prevalent site for slips and falls among persons of all ages and capabilities. We've arrived at a decision to construct a high-quality support system with grab bars. By increasing mobility and preventing numerous bathroom-related mishaps, grab bars can help and minimize many accidents.

gorgeous white kitchen

We have an efficient solution for you if your kitchen is limited in space, has insufficient storage, or simply looks and feels old. We can help you make the most of your space and give it additional utility while also ensuring that it matches your personal style.

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We offer problem-solving, time-saving, organizing, and life-management services all in one place. Whatever the request is, as long as it are legal, ethical, and well-intentioned, it will be granted. Allow us to help you restore the balance to your life.

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To avoid water damage and provide a long-lasting surface, tile floor restoration necessitates appropriate subfloor preparation. We make sure we have all of the necessary supplies for fixing, whether it's cement board or tile backer base.

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Our experienced plumbers can clear hard clogs, repair leaks, and replace broken or worn parts, among other things. We can solve any plumbing issues and get any toilet up and running again with our toilet repairers. Get our service today!


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Expert Senior Home Safety Solutions

Kennesaw Home Pro offers expert safety solutions tailored to the unique needs of seniors. Our senior living modifications can provide a valuable piece of mind by ensuring elderly occupants’ safety and security in their homes. We provide the specialized products and services needed to ensure a safe environment.

Bathroom & Kitchen Modifications, Accessibility Ramps

We specialize in providing senior living modifications to make your bathroom and kitchen more accessible to those with mobility challenges. Our services include the installation of ramps, grab bars, wheelchair-accessible counters, sinks, and much more. Contact us today for your senior living needs!