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Kitchen remodeling service is about more than just designing.

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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Services

The kitchen is an important part of every home, as it is usually where the family comes together to converse and eat. Call us for home kitchen improvements.

Understanding our customers’ needs and constructing a beautiful and efficient space is at the core of our kitchen renovation services.

KennesawHomePro, a renovation service, will assess your plan requirements, structural and utility changes, cabinets, countertops, and flooring as a turn-key project. Additionally, each opposing component is essential to guarantee that a holistic approach is used to develop the best renovation plan for you and your family.

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Here are some of the services we provide for kitchen remodeling:

The most frequently interacted surface in a kitchen is the countertop, which immediately references the general area. Kitchen countertops that are easy to maintain, like quartz or the superb ageless quality of granite, are unrivaled in their use. Granites, which are perhaps the pinnacle of all that mother nature has to give, can also be sealed with commercial sealers, bringing peace of mind that today’s consumers want.

Any kitchen renovation includes the use of custom cabinets. Our customers have a variety of options, including ready-made cabinets and custom-built cabinets.

Typically, the choice of cupboards will be based on the intended aesthetic, style, and features. Cabinet hardware should also be considered when choosing cabinets. Cabinet hardware will help to define the design of the cabinet while also protecting the finish. It’s a visible and useful element that shouldn’t be neglected.

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Regardless of the time of day or natural light, ensuring the ideal amount and distribution of electrical lighting will offer the right balance. For ceiling lighting, recessed in-cabinet lights, under-cabinet lights, and above-cabinet lights are frequently used. These lights should enhance the ambiance and sensation of warmth in your kitchen.

Choosing the right sink and faucet for your kitchen remodel will ensure your complete pleasure.
There are three types of sinks, each with its own set of materials that cater to certain washing and rinsing needs. Apron-front sinks, under-mount sinks, and, eventually, top-mount sinks will all do a fantastic job for you. Composite granite, cast iron, an enameled finish, and chrome steel are popular choices.

Size, especially if you want to scrub large cookware, sloped bases to reduce water pooling, and attachments, grids, cutting tables, and so on, are all things to consider when choosing a sink. Traditional or touchless faucets with a single handle/hole and pull-down sprayer can also be used to make the most of countertop space.

Backsplash tiles, which vary from traditional travertine or stack stone to more transitional porcelain and ceramic tiles, as well as mosaic tiles, which can provide a one-of-a-kind combination of style, help to create the overall appearance and feel intended for the kitchen remodel.

At KennesawHomePro, we evaluate the current project, give ideas for techniques, estimate labor and material costs, secure materials, complete the job, and clean up any mistakes. We make our tools available and are available outside of normal work hours. We work on the project for homeowners, maintenance firms, apartment complexes, and building management companies.

Give us a call today or make a booking online to have our quality-assured services delivered right to your door.

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Expert Kitchen Renovation Solutions

For a stress-free kitchen remodel, Kennesaw Home Pro offers experienced renovation solutions. From high-quality custom cabinetry to exquisite countertops, we provide all the materials and labor necessary to bring your bathroom to life. Our team of licensed contractors and designers works with you to provide the best possible results for your bathroom renovation.

Custom Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Kennesaw Home Pro provides custom kitchen design and remodeling services to make your kitchen the heart of your home. Our team of experts is specialized in remodeling, with an eye for design and elegance that will transform your kitchen to be more functional and aesthetic. From planning to the finishing touches, let us bring your visions to life.