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Doors are an essential part of any home, apartment complex, or other building. They allow people, vehicles, and other property to enter and exit a house, room, or other area. In addition, they also provide security and protection to keep everything in the house or building safe. 

A strong and secure door provides protection for everyone and everything in the house. A lost or weak door is prone to many unwanted incidents such as robberies and much more. The door not only serves as a protection but also as a welcome opportunity. Many know that it is a wise decision to invest in your door and ensure that it is strong and reliable to protect you from any harm.

Here are some of the most common problems with doors. If your door is showing some of these signs, you should consider a Kennesaw Home Pro Services repair service.

Door Hinge Problems – Hinges play an important role in opening and closing a door. Over time, daily use can cause the hinges to loosen. Another common problem is a squeaky hinge. If the hinge is too old and rusty, you will likely need to replace the entire hinge.

Misaligned lower wall plates – If the lower wall plates of a door are misaligned, you will have a lot of trouble getting the door flush against the doorstop. This means that trouble is bound to happen.

Professional Door Fixing Solutions

Kennesaw Home Pro offers reliable, affordable professional door-fixing solutions. Our skilled technicians are experienced in all types of door repairs, issues, and installation. We take pride in providing high-quality workmanship and customer service at unbeatable prices. We guarantee your satisfaction at every job. Contact us now for all your door repair needs.

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Door that remains unlocked – A door that remains unlocked is troublesome because it does not do what it is supposed to do. Not to mention, it can put everything in your home or building at risk. Instead of using something heavy to keep the door closed, trying to jam it shut over and over again, or doing anything to keep everything in place, have the door repaired by the best team at Kennesaw Home Pro. 

A drafty door – A drafty door is not just uncomfortable. It can also drastically affect your energy bills, as you’ll have to use your heating and cooling system more often to regulate the temperature in your home. Not to mention, it can also affect the safety of your room or home.

If the emergency solutions do not work, you need to consider replacing the entire door. When it comes to door replacement, you can turn to no other team than Kennesaw Home Pro because we are door replacement experts. Our team of professionals is available at any time of the day to help you become more confident by repairing your door.

Residential Door Repairs & Installation

Residential Door Repairs & Installation: Let Kennesaw Home Pro take care of all your residential door repair and installation needs. We offer quality service and consultation to guarantee the best results when it comes to door repair and installation. We also specialize in floor repair to keep your space looking brand-new.

The door is uneven at the top – If the door was not installed on a flat surface, one side of the door may be higher at the top than the other. Another cause could be that the hinge side of the door is not plumb. A door that does not fit snugly into the jamb poses a danger to small insects that could get into the house or rooms.

Warped Door – If a door has been exposed to a lot of moisture over time or does not fit well in the door jamb, it can warp over time. If the door is damaged and warped due to moisture, you should replace it.

Damaged doors not only reduce the value of your home or building, but more importantly, they reduce your safety. When you hire an experienced company to do the work, you can be sure that it will be done correctly the first time.

KennesawHandyman door repair service will help you get rid of your door problems. Our technician will increase the aesthetics and value of your home while saving you money on energy costs with properly functioning doors. Give us a call now at (678) 921-8138!

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