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drilling a wood slab

Carpentry Services

Carpentry is more than just wood and materials. It is the combination of the suitable materials, skills, and experience. Many people can imagine it, but not all can turn that imagination into reality. Carpentry is a craft where the first job is cutting, shaping, and attaching building materials in the development of buildings, ships, wooden bridges, concrete formwork, and so on.

At KennesawHomePro, our master carpenters are trained to handle all your interior and exterior carpentry needs for your home or business. Our carpenters can bring your interior and exterior carpentry projects to life. We will listen to your plan, assess your finish carpentry needs, and help you choose the right materials for the simplest designs for your home. 

Our carpenters are highly regarded for their skills in updating or improving the look of your home, from simple structural repairs to intricate finishing touches. Every carpentry project requires expertise to ensure the result is perfect. Exterior and interior upgrades must add value to your home. The highlight is in the detailed work that our experienced local carpenters perform with great care.

Custom Carpentry Solutions

Custom Carpentry Solutions provides creative and quality craftsmanship for projects you can imagine. From built-ins to furniture repair, our expert carpenters add unique touches to your home or office while keeping your lifestyle and preferences in mind.

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Our work is done by an experienced carpenter handyman who will guide you every step of the way to ensure an easy and smooth process. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Proper trim installation is critical to the value and elegance of your home. Our experienced craftsmen professionally handle this detail-oriented, life-changing carpentry work.

Custom Cabinets, Furniture & More

Kennesaw Home Pro provides high-quality custom carpentry for cabinets, furniture, and more! We specialize in custom-made wooden creations to meet each individual’s needs. Our carpenters have years of experience and can create unique pieces for you at a competitive price. From design to finish, we guarantee your satisfaction!

We assemble shop-bought shelving and build shelving and bookcases from scratch to your specifications, whether it’s unusual dimensions, spacing between frames, special doors, or a particular type of wood or design element.

Our handymen are experienced in building custom cabinets and mantels for any room, in the size and style you simply need. If you want more storage space, ask us about installing attractive cabinets built specifically for your home. Call us for custom carpentry needs.

drilling a wood slab
drilling a hole in a piece of wood

Many of us know that some assembly usually means a lot of assemblies. We will get your furniture and appliances out of the box and into your home or yard, so you do not have to agonize over confusing instructions. The instructions for assembling a new piece of furniture are often confusing, and as a result, the assembly itself is usually complicated and time-consuming.

Our professionals will take care of the assembly directly. If you are looking for an excellent carpentry contractor, you have come to the right place. KennesawHomePro has reliable professionals ready to make your dream woodworking job a reality!