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Don’t wait for your damaged floor to give you more trouble. Kennesaw Home Pro Flooring contractor is ready to serve you. Get it repaired today!

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Repairing Floor

Maintaining your floor strong and sturdy is a must for every home, apartment complex, and other buildings. Having a reliable floor is as important as having a strong pillar. Since the floors bear the brunt of our daily lives, they are also the first to show signs of wear and tear. That’s why it’s important to invest in floors that will stand up to your everyday life, adding value while bringing a touch of class to your home. 

Your floor must have been strong and have a solid foundation to support the load that will be placed on it throughout its lifetime, including the weight of the people who use the home and their belongings such as chairs, appliances, and machinery. 

If your floor shows a sign of damage, contact Kennesaw Home Pro immediately. Don’t let your step be bothered by damaged floors any further. Our trusted professionals can get the job done if the flooring service needs to be replaced entirely or given a second chance with some maintenance and repair work. We also install new tile, repair laminate flooring, and polish hardwood floors. 

Expert Floor Fixing Services

Kennesaw Home Pro provides expert floor-fixing services for homes and businesses. Our experienced technicians can repair any type of hardwood or laminate flooring, including holes, cracks, gouges, buckles, and more. We use only the highest quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure your floor looks as good as new!

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Kennesaw Home Pro Services

Below are some of the most common problems. If your floor has some of these problems, consider replacement at Kennesaw Home Pro Services in the downtown area. 

Buckling – This happens when the floorboards lift off the floor. The likely reason could be moisture under the floor’s surface, such as the concrete floor. Other possible reasons could be flooding or leaking ceilings. This usually happens when the movement of the floorboards due to moisture is so great that the original floor fixings/adhesives are compromised.

Cupping – This is a common problem with wood floors that occurs when the wood absorbs too much moisture, and the moisture in the plank becomes inconsistent. This causes the plank to no longer be flat, and the edges of the plank are raised compared to the centre of the plank. Since the underside cannot dry out as quickly as the surface, the underside expands disproportionately to the top and shrinkage occurs.

Tile, Hardwood & Laminate Flooring Repairs

Kennesaw Home Pro provides quality repairs to Tile, Hardwood, and Laminate Flooring. Our professionals specialize in cleaning, staining, patching, and replacing damaged or worn-out flooring materials. We focus on restoring your floors to a beautiful, durable finish. Let us help you get the job done right!

Kennesaw Home Pro also provides exceptional services to Laminate Floor:

Moisture on Laminate Flooring – Laminate flooring that has been destroyed by water cannot be repaired, although we can replace it. You can rely on our all-around worry-free guarantee for laminate flooring installation and repair.

Gaps – Large temperature fluctuations can cause flooring to shrink abnormally, creating gaps between planks. Poor installation techniques, where the planks are not properly joined together, can also lead to gaps. Laminate is a sturdy material, but it can chip, especially on exposed edges. Installation or other problems that lead to gaps make the flooring susceptible to chipping.

Swollen edges – Water damage or air trapped in the subfloor can cause bubbles in your laminate flooring. If the bubbles are only on one board, the board is already ruined and needs to be removed and replaced. 

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brick stone tiles

A stable, sturdy and well-maintained floor is a must in order not to hinder your daily life. When it starts showing signs of wear and tear, do not wait for it to cause you more problems. Damaged floors can lead to many accidents and have a tendency to ruin your day and put you behind schedule. 

Are you in need of floor repair? No problem. Our professionals are experts at removing old floors and replacing them with new ones. You can count on us to deliver outstanding results because of our experienced and insured professionals.

Kennesaw Home Pro is always ready to help you with your next flooring project! If you would like more information about flooring installation and repair, give us a call at (678) 921-8138. We have a worry-free solution for all your flooring maintenance needs by providing quality services at a reasonable price that fits your needs!