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Why choose KennesawHomePro for your lamp repairs?

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Lamp Repair Services

We all know how annoying lamps can be, especially at night when we need them most. At KennesawHomepro, we have been doing simple lamp repair since 2005.

We are honored when customers bring in items in their families for years to repair! We still work with our vendors to get the best product prices. This allows us to keep prices as low as possible for our customers and save many beautiful lamps from the landfill. 

We rewire the lamps from the socket to the cord so they are safe to use. If our customer only wants one socket, we will still check the rest of the wiring to make sure it is safe. Customers can request an estimate at checkout. We make time for lampwork every day, so they are often done the same day or within 24 hours.

We also do light fixture repair and lamp cleaning. When customers want their light fixtures and lamps cleaned and polished, we ask them to bring the item in to discuss their request and estimate the value. Because every lamp and light fixture is different, the amount of work and time required is also different.

Professional Lamp Fixing Solutions

Kennesaw Home Pro offers professional and reliable solutions to any lamp repair need. We provide all kinds of services from rewiring to replacing parts, and any lamp, big or small, is no problem. We aim to make your lamp look new again, so you can enjoy its beauty and light without any stress.

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Here is a list of the lamp repairing services we offer:

Table, Floor & Ceiling Lamp Repairs

Heirloom Lighting & Restoration specializes in the repair and refurbishment of table, floor, and ceiling lamps for residential and commercial applications. Whether you need a broken socket fixed, a new bulb installed, or a complete overhaul, their certified technicians provide top-notch craftsmanship and repair services to ensure your lighting looks and works like it should.

At KennesawHomePro, we do not replace or repair lampshades. We also do not stock lamps. If your needs go beyond the essential lamp repairs we do, we usually recommend other local companies. 

We keep all lamps in a safe place while they are being repaired, and we perform each and every repair on site. Most lamp repairs are completed within a day or two after the lamp is dropped off at our location unless a part needs to be ordered from the neighborhood (we have an oversized inventory of lamp parts). If you’re looking for a table lamp repair, you have come to the right place to get it fixed!

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Your lamp problem is our problem! If your lamp is broken or damaged, you no longer have to be in the dark. KennesawHomePro is here to restore your damaged lamp to optimal working condition. We are the go-to company for homeowners, apartment complexes, and other building management companies.

Our experienced and trained professionals provide exceptional service by quickly assessing the project at hand, recommending a plan of action, estimating the cost of labor and materials, securing the materials, properly performing the work, and then cleaning up any messes. 

Call us today or book online and have our quality-assured services delivered right to your doorstep.